Being persistent

Day 3: Things here are trundling along. The JuiceMeister (aka Beloved) is doing extremely well. He’s doing half days at work, juicing up a storm in the mornings and then when I have a break from juices between 2 and 5 pm he disappears into the office. But I don’t have to do much.  He leaves me with the vegies prepared for any juice I might need to make in his absence.

Greens (cos lettuce, beetroot leaves, chard), red cabbage and an apple for the Gerson "green juice"

Greens (cos lettuce, beetroot leaves, chard), red cabbage and an apple for the Gerson “green juice”

As for me, I had a terrible night the first night. The aches and pains kept me awake for a few hours.  I went to bed at about 9 and doubt I got to sleep until after 12.  Strangely, after tossing and turning trying to get comfortable, I had a rush of heat through my body and the aching subsided.  That’s when sleep came. Yesterday I was fairly free of symptoms, although I was very tired.  And last night I had the most refreshing night I’ve had in a while.

Today went to plan.  Although while I was doing a round of Sun Salutations mid-morning, the flu-like symptoms I feel like I’ve lived with for the last 7 years or so hit me.  I haven’t had them for most of this year so they didn’t feel quite as comfortable as they used to.  However, I have done nothing to try to expel them.  A sore throat, aching joints, fatigue and dry eyes normally see me reaching for some form of herbal remedy designed to boost the immune system. This time, I’ll let them run their course and make sure my body gets what it needs through rest, relaxation while meditating, and nutrition.

But I have to confess to a mega-fail.  During one of my more meditative times today, I had a flash of inspiration.  One of many of course – I have lots and lots of such flashes while meditating.  It’s an absolute shame (for both you and me) that most of them get lost amongst the myriad of stories my mind creates while trying to distract me from pure and simple awareness.  We would all be better off if all of my light-bulb moments had some follow through.

Anyway, I digress.  See how I’m avoiding revealing my ‘failure’.  A bit like that avoidance during meditation.  So, what I realised is that I had missed the most obvious google keyword search. I had searched things like “follicular lymphoma – remission, plant-based diet, prognosis, diet, meditation ” etc etc.  I had widened the search for just “lymphoma”.  But the one I missed …. the one that led me to a number of positive and hopeful tales of long and healthy lives of people diagnosed with lymphomas … was … “Lymphoma – vegan”!!!!!

My persistence struck gold! Page after page of lymphoma survivors who have followed a vegan lifestyle in its various guises.  Raw vegan, juicing, 80% raw, super foods, all featured as part of people’s recovery programmes.  And as we speak I’m finding incredible tales of the effectiveness of coffee enemas although they are largely dismissed by conventional medical practitioners.  Interestingly coffee enemas were first used by German nurses during World War I to relieve the pain of wounded soldiers (I can’t remember where I read that (more than once) but when I can, I’ll reference it).

Anyway, the real gold was this Interview with Kristy Blaikie and this article.

Not only does she describe a holistic approach (albeit an outrageously expensive one) she used to recover after a relapse of her non-Hodgkins (follicular) lymphoma, but she explains the factors leading to that relapse – stress, overworking, coffee consumption and poor diet. That tells me that the opposite lifestyle should minimise the risk of relapse and hopefully, even result in healing.  She also raises the issue of dental work, something I had read in the Gerson books but ignored because I thought it was all getting a bit fanatical.  Apparently because the tooth is dead, the canules in the tooth that carry nutrients to a living tooth, become infested with bacteria and viruses.  This can effect the health of the entire body. Now I have to find a holistic dentist in Melbourne to check those teeth on which I’ve had root canal work done and remove them, especially as I have had lots of aches there over the last few days. If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear from you.

There you go.  I had surrendered this googling obsession but I had to go back for one more go. And it has given me such hope.  I’m incredibly grateful for the internet and all of those people who have shared their experience.  And I’m grateful that I’m a Taurean – a persistent, stubborn bugger who wasn’t going to give up until she found what she was looking for, even if she didn’t know what it was.

And so be it.

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