Being up to pussy’s bow

After 7 days of this juice flood (yes, I feel like my body has been completely overwhelmed by juice and is as heavy as soaked muddy carpet ), there is so much to share.  And it’s not just the juicing.  It’s the meditation as well.  I’m still not quite up to the scheduled 2.5 hours a day I planned but it’s increasing slowly and the waters of my mind are stilling more quickly when I sit. And I’m feeling myself expanding with love as I contract into my world.  I have hardly left the house this week.

Special or Hippocrates soup in the making

Special or Hippocrates soup in the making

There are a few themes I’ve been contemplating, some inspired by the reading I’ve been doing, like anger and its role in illness and forgiveness.  More about those in other blogs. But the main one has been that I feel like a science-experiment.  Just about every cell in my body has got my attention at some point this week.  It feels like the juices, being packed full of micronutrients, are sending armies of workers out to activate and regenerate cells.  I’ve had sensations actively presenting throughout my body.  It may be that the meditation is making me more sensitive – some techniques require the observation of sensations – but I’ve had aches, pains and tingles and nausea going on since my first juice. They come and go in waves, reassuring me that I’m not getting ill.

The worst was 2 days ago when I just had nausea for 24 hours.  I suspect it was aggravated slightly by the wonderfully relaxing Bowen therapy treatment that a beautiful friend of mine gave me.  And then Friday afternoon, I could have sworn I was coming down with the worst cold but within an hour the symptoms passed. And there there has been the intense tiredness.  Heavy limbs and deeply embedded fatigue. Thank goodness I haven’t had to do my own juicing because attending to the other things on the schedule like coffee, meditation and preparing the meals has been more than enough for my energy levels.  I must admit the coffees take the edge of whatever symptoms I’m experiencing, but it did not make for perfect health overnight.  Today I feel the best I’ve felt all week, clearer, cleaner and slightly energised.

I can’t keep stressing enough that I am not on the Gerson programme. What I have done this week is develop a programme that is derived from and inspired by Gerson.  For a start, Gerson is a 2 year commitment, not just a week.  It’s pretty rigid about using a particular type of juicer, the Norwalk juicer.  I don’t have one of those and am unlikely ever to with a $2500 price tag.  Second, I’m not taking the supplements they advocate.  I might have been able to work something out but without the supervision of a Gerson trained practitioner, it felt pretty futile.  So I’ve just kept taking the supplements recommended by my naturopath.

But what I have done is follow the diet.  A plant-based, no salt, no fats or oils except for flaxseed oil and no dedicated protein source diet. The explanation for the lack of protein seems to be that dietary protein not only creates an acidic environment, loved by cancers, but slows down the detoxification process.  You can read more about this here.

I was a bit alarmed at first by the absence of protein.  Although I understand that protein is readily available from plant-sources, I have still been prejudiced in favour of protein rich foods like legumes, nuts, tempeh and tofu, not to mention the superfoods like chia and hemp seeds. However, I did some research and this is what I found out.

According to the Victorian Government health website, as an adult woman I need roughly .75gm of protein for each kilo of my body weight. That means that I need about 49 gm of protein each day.  It needs to come from a variety of sources so that I digest all the amino acids necessary for my body to build itself. As we all know, you can find out just about everything on the internet and there are websites solely dedicated to nutrition data like this one:

elephant protein

Breakfast has been a bowl of cooked rolled oats (porridge) made with water and some fruit, either sulphur-free dried fruit soaked or fresh fruit but no berries.  I’ve been having a mix of kiwi fruit, grated apple, prunes and bananas. 1 cup of rolled oats alone has 26 gm of protein.  There’s half my daily intake just there. A raw banana has 2 gm. So after breakfast, there’s a little less work to do.

The big surprise for me was the carrot juice.  I’ve been drinking close to 5 cups of carrot juice a day.  4 cups of carrot and apple and 1 cup of just carrot. And this has been fresh carrot juice. It’s been sitting for hardly 2 minutes before I’ve drunk it.  Apparently, 1 cup of CANNNED carrot juice contains 2 gm of protein. so there’s close to another 10 gm. I’m already up to 38 gm of protein and I haven’t even had lunch or dinner or taken into account the other juices. Not to mention how high carrot juice is in Vitamin A, Vitamin C and B6.

The other juice I’ve been having is called the ‘green juice’.  It’s a mixture of cos (romaine) lettuce (I should be using other lettuces as well but they are not in season at the moment, a downfall of buying only organic), beetroot tops, swiss chard or silver beet, red cabbage and green capsicum.  1 cup of red cabbage has 1 gm of protein and 47% of our recommended daily intake of Vitamin K. The same protein amounts apply for the beet greens, chard and capsicum.

Lunch - carrot and apple juice, Special Soup and yes, there's a baked potato hiding under all that salad.

Lunch – carrot and apple juice, Special Soup and yes, there’s a baked potato hiding under all that salad.

Lunch and dinner are pretty much the same as each other – a bowl of “Special soup” aka Hippocrates soup, a baked potato and lots and lots of vegetables. At lunch I’ve been having just salad and at night, I’ve been trying to be creative with baked, steamed and stewed vegetables, along with more salad. Two baked potatoes a day is another 4 gm of protein. You are probably getting the picture. By eating lots of different vegetables, I’ve been getting my protein without having to reach for anything else.

The only grain I’ve been having has been the oats.  No bread, no rice, no pasta.  You get the picture.  After breakfast, all I’ve been having is vegetables and the occasional piece of fruit.  Well, hardly any fruit but I did bake some pears one night for dessert. Probably the most surprising thing is that I haven’t been hungry between meals.  Maybe the juices help.

But, as my grandfather used to say, I’ve been up to pussy’s bow.

And so be it.

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