Being miraculously better

I am realistic – I expect miracles
Dr Wayne Dyer

Do you believe in miracles? Remarkable events that can’t seem to be the result of ordinary causes? Or do you call it synchronicity, believing that meaningful coincidences do not occur randomly but are part of a greater order? Or are even brought about by our thoughts and intentions?

Or that you are being looked after by some invisible force? Or do you simply see them as coincidences?  Without any particular meaning? Just a bit of serendipity or a happy accident? The value we place on such events is entirely subjective.  We either believe they have meaning or we don’t.

Synchronicity is the coming together of inner and outer events in a way that
cannot be explained by cause and effect and that is meaningful to the observer
Carl Jung

Well, I must confess that I’m a believer. Too much has happened in my life for me to dismiss the possibility that miracles and synchronicity are real. All things are possible. And the more I believe, the more I see these types of events occurring around me.

There was the time I was being strangled in the toilets in an Alice Springs pub and just as I was blacking out, someone walked in. They saved my life.

Nearly 20 years ago, I realised I had a problem with alcohol and got down on my knees and just said “Help!” Nothing more. Two days later I got a call from a girlfriend who steered me towards a group of people who could help me. I haven’t had a drink since. I have always believed that call was a miracle. An answer to my cry.

My first job as a lawyer was dissatisfying and I started to look for other jobs without success.  I realised that if I changed my attitude, maybe I would get more out of each day I turned up for work.  That seemed to make a difference so I announced the intention to the Divine energy of the Universe that I would make a decision about moving in 6 months. It was almost 6 months to the day that a colleague telephoned me to say that a firm he did a lot of work with was looking for a junior solicitor.  I got the position, reporting to my future husband. Another life changing call.

And then along this healing journey, I’ve had a number of these things happen but there are two that really stand out. The first was just after my initial diagnosis. 3 days after. I was really worried about how I would meet my work expenses while I wasn’t working (Doh! Guess who forgot to get income protection insurance!) A bank statement for an old account I rarely looked at arrived.  It turned out I had squirrelled quite a bit away during a large brief. Strange I know, but I had completely forgotten about it. It was exactly the amount I was going to need. I was able to relax and let go of my financial concerns. Sure, the statement would have turned up anyway, but its arrival right at that time, was perfect.  It put my mind at rest. It was entirely synchronous.

The second involves a faith healer so you’d expect something a bit out of the ordinary. More and more frequently I was hearing about John of God, who describes himself as “truly only an instrument in God’s divine hands”. He was being referred to in books I was reading, especially Radical Remission, and I was meeting people who had been to Abadiania, Brazil where he lives and works. Thousands of people, including Dr Wayne Dyer, credit him with helping them overcome serious illness. So when, as part of my study, I had to do a 2 year and 5 year plan, I put on the 2 year plan “See John of God”.  Within 48 hours, someone posted on Facebook “Look who is coming to Sydney!” John of God has never been to Australia before but he’s coming in November this year. And guess who is going to see him …

But the most ironic of all was the day that I was thinking about synchronicity.  It might have been around the time of the John of God incident.  I went to my bookshelf that houses all my books on spirituality, the power of our minds and healing and low and behold, there was a book called “Synchronicity and You”. Where did that come from? I genuinely do not know. I vaguely suspect who might have given it to me.  But I’m usually very meticulous about these types of things. I know exactly what I own and when I obtained it.  To find this book just happily sitting there, without having any recollection as to its origins is most unusual, but entirely appropriate.

So the point of all of this is that my health has had a dramatic turnaround.  I am miraculously better. And it all happened in a synchronous and/or miraculous fashion. It had to get worse before it got better, but even in the darkest moments, when I wasn’t sure whether I was staying or going, I had a deep sense of being looked after and that my experiences will never be wasted.  That hopefully, they will help me to help others, to have compassion and understanding beyond words.

As you know from my last post (here), I have been severely immunocompromised.  After I came out of hospital, I just didn’t seem to get any better. I was weak and still losing weight, even though I was clear of the cryptosporidium and on a lot of anti-virals. And then on a Monday night, I got a fever that hovered around 38 degrees and started coughing.  I went to the doctor the following day, got some antibiotics for bronchitis and thought nothing more of it.

Wednesday night (10 September), I sat down to eat dinner and began shaking uncontrollably.  I took my temperature.  It was up to 39.7. I monitored it for a couple of hours but it didn’t go down.  My oncologist had told me that if it reached 39, I was to present myself at Emergency. And that is exactly what I did. Beloved drove.

There was a young doctor on duty, visiting from the UK.  Not only did he happen to be there, he just happened to have a real interest in compromised immune systems. He was very curious about my CD4 count (you can find out what that is in my last post) and the fact that only a couple of days before, it had been 150 (anything under 200 is a danger zone for infections etc). He ordered a chest x-ray. He examined it very very closely. Apparently anyone else might have missed what he found.  He rang my oncologist at 3 in the morning and started a course of treatment, intra-venous antibiotics, even though the blood tests confirming my condition were a long way a way.  And thank God he did.

Synchronicities are mostly little miracles through which an otherwise Unseen Consciousness manifests itself in our lives. They are the means by which that Consciousness communicates with us.  
We may speak to the gods in prayer, but significant coincidence is the medium whereby they speak to us 
Frank Joseph

Early on the Thursday afternoon I was moved to intensive care where I stayed for 2 days.  I started to feel better than I’d felt in a long time, but my oncologist told me that was only because of the steroids they’d given me. My diagnosis was confirmed. It was pneumocystis pneumonia (PCP) caused by a fungus that we all inhale on a daily basis.  Again, it is commonly found in those with compromised immune systems. You can find out more here.  Relevant to this blog, it needs to be treated aggressively and had I not been started on the antibiotics when I was, it could have been fatal.

When I was discharged from hospital the following Wednesday, I couldn’t walk on my own. I was being encouraged to go for walks to build up my strength so I had made my way around the ward and then the broader hospital using a walking stick. And I brought one home with me, but as it turned out, I didn’t need it for long.  The next miracle happened on the Saturday.

Friday I was still using the stick. I had a distance Shamanic healing in the morning, not just with one Shaman, but 3! Apart from my short walks around the square at the back of our place, I spent most of my day in bed or on the couch, with only enough energy to prepare my lunch. But when I woke up on the Saturday, I felt completely recharged.  My legs had found their steadiness, I needed the stick no more! Just like that! And I had energy that I could quite honestly say I hadn’t had for months.

That was less than a week from leaving hospital where I had been so dangerously ill.  How did the restoration of my health happen so quickly? Sure I was on large doses of drugs for the symptoms – antibiotics, antivirals, but to me it just felt miraculous.  I had expected to be lying languidly in bed for at least another week or so. My recovery has simply gathered momentum from there. I’m feeling good. And in fact, yesterday I went for a walk for over an hour along the beach. And only 2 weeks after being discharged, my CD4 count was up to 220, out of the danger zone and the highest it’s been in months.  It will be checked again next week and I believe  it will be much higher.

So, believing as I do in miracles and synchronistic events, how do I explain my rapid journey from being dangerously ill to very good health? And why do I believe it’s a miracle? It could well be the combination of pharmaceuticals and the healthy food I’ve been eating. But it definitely happened faster than expected. I was encouraged to buy a walking stick for home but only needed it for a couple of days.

I believe in the idea that we are all energy and that energy connects us to everyone and everything else on the planet. And we can create our energy with our thoughts. The Buddha said that we create the world with our thoughts. Powerful stuff! Through the use of affirmations and meditation, I have been creating healing energy for my body.  I haven’t allowed myself to fall into self-pity or to doubt my body’s capacity for healing.

Sure, there was a period where I was slipping into grief and depression because it didn’t look like I thought it should, and I didn’t have a plan for recovery because no one could tell me how my immune system could be rebuilt by external factors. I kept asking for help from the Divine energy that connects us all and is within us all, asking how these experiences will help me to help others. Then I saw the film The Connection – Mind Your Body*, and was reminded that even if there was nothing physical I could do to heal, I still had the power of my mind and meditation.

And when I tune my mind into the Divine energy, set my intentions accordingly, and affirm all that is good in the world, I believe that miracles can happen. This is my year of saying ‘Yes’ to everything the Universe offers me. And the more I say ‘Yes’, the more there is to say ‘Yes’ to. The more these synchronistic and miraculous events occur.

So just over a month after being critically ill and in intensive care, I’m down the beach with my two (half) sisters, the first time the three of us have been in the same room together, laughing, crying, dancing and enjoying the unpredictable spring weather, filled with energy and vitality for life, and taking the occasional naps.  I’m miraculously better! What a wonderful life!


Be happy. Be well.

So be it.

Jane x

If you want to find out more about John of God’s visit to Australia, go to

*We will be showing The Connection at the December monthly meditation group.  For further details, please contact me via the contact form. The film website is


Synchronicity and You, Frank Joseph 1999

You’ll See It When You Believe It, Dr Wayne W. Dyer, 1989

Wishes Fulfilled, Dr Wayne W.Dyer, 2012

The Mind That Changes Everything, Dr Ian Gawler, 2011

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Jane Treleaven is a meditation teacher and health coach empowering people to be happy and well through just being, essentially being.

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  1. Jane, you certainly are a courageous and soulful person. And you have taken a proactive approach to your life and health by studying and investigating various modalities with an open mind.
    You and others should please consider with an open mind too the latest findings from Australia 2014.The news show 60 Minutes with Michael Usher, just did an investigative report of John of God on 10/26/2014, prior to his arrival to Australia in Nov 2014. Calling John of God’s pretend medical treatment horrendous and barbaric! And grilling him about his sexual molestation charges and the great deal of money he makes(in the millions) by fooling sick and desperate people with absolutely no creditable records of healing treatments! A must see for all who consider going.

    • Thanks Lakisha. I am aware of the programme. I decided not to watch it as I wish to keep my mind as open as I can to the possibility of healing at the event. John of God won’t be performing any physical surgeries here so there will be only spiritual interventions. I’m particularly looking forward to spending the 3 days in meditation and prayer with a couple of thousand people. That will be very powerful in itself.
      Be happy. Be well.
      Jane x

  2. Wonderful news to hear you are feeling better Jane. Pneumocystis is something I used to see in the labs, but as you say only in the severely immunocompromised. I wish you and your family ever improving health, happiness and wellness.

    Lauren xx

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