Being on the road to good health

A year ago, I was in hospital as my immune system dismantled around me and the doctors said they didn’t know what to do.  But as many of you know, I had some excellent news recently about my health. It looks like I’m definitely on the road to good health and my efforts to reboot and rebuild my immune system have been successful.

Like many others, you might be wondering what I’ve done to recover. I’ve made a little video to explain it so you don’t have to trawl back through a myriad of blog posts. Just click on the image above.

Being a rookie filmmaker/presenter, I forgot one rather large component of my healing plan – probiotics. In a nutshell, I’ve eaten sauerkraut and kim chi and drunk coconut kefir and aloe vera juice to assist the healing of my gut. And if you want to find out about the other supplements I’ve been taking, head here.

If you want to know more about the relaxation response, go to the blog post Being Relaxed or watch The Connection which is available on The Connection website. Even better, sign up for the Essentially Being Newsletter. Not only will you receive a free relaxation meditation but you will also get to find out when Essentially Being is hosting screenings of The Connection.

Have you got any questions? What would you like to know? Is there something I’ve left out? Or perhaps you’d like to share what you’ve done to take control of your own health. Please comment below or on the Facebook page.

Be happy. Be well. Just be.

And so be it.

Jane x

About Jane Treleaven

Jane Treleaven is a meditation teacher and health coach empowering people to be happy and well through just being, essentially being.

8 comments on “Being on the road to good health

  1. Hi jane
    Great to hear how much better you are doing. So lovely. I am very much still in the murky midst of long term health stuff so I love to read inspiring stories like yours. Thank you. Much love
    Carly xx (bebh)

    • Thanks Carly – I have just read of some of your journey and simply admire your continuing courage. Have you seen The Connection? I highly recommend it. Much love back at you, Jane x

      • Hi jane
        Thanks so much. And thankyou soooo much for the other thing! You know what I’m referring too – very very kind of you. Feeling like I had a virtual hug so I’m squeezing you back too 😉
        No I haven’t heard of The Connection? Do you have bay details as I love all healing modalities.
        Much love Carly xx

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