Being healed? Could fasting be the answer?

Since fasting was introduced into my life about 6 weeks ago (read about it here), I’ve been feeling healthier than ever. And then yesterday something came across my screen that was the final piece in the puzzle for me.

Could fasting be THE answer? Could I be healed?

The first 2 weeks after fasting I was extremely tired – dragging myself through quicksand was how it felt and apparently that’s normal – but then suddenly, a switch got turned on and I have been jumping out of my skin with energy and clarity. And I’ve been more productive than ever. I wake up at 5.30 bright as a button and go to bed around 10, not feeling particularly tired but dropping off into a sound sleep almost immediately. This is all new.

I fast, drinking only water, 1 day a week from Saturday night after dinner until Sunday dinner. And I fast intermittently every other day of the week, eating only between midday and 8 pm. And when I do eat, it’s mostly huge bowls of salad, a little fruit, some nuts and lightly cooked vegetables. A few legumes here and there, a few grains like rice. Mostly vegetables. Mostly raw.

I feel lighter in every imaginable way.

And while I’ve been experiencing all this, I have been devouring (so to speak) books on water fasting. There’s a list at the bottom of the page. But interestingly, the messages about cancer and fasting have been contradictory. Some say people with cancer shouldn’t fast. This has been what I’ve been told before. Other books have said that it’s controversial and they don’t explore it. And others say, what are you waiting for?

I have even read that while the body goes into autolysis, as the cells go searching for anything they can eat including fibroids, viruses and bacteria (and some books say tumours), cancer cells can be immune and continue to multiply despite fasting.

So I started to consider that it probably depends on the type of cancer and the size of any tumour mass. And because there are too many variables, and fasting can be seen as contentious in itself, there is probably a reluctance to encourage cancer patients to try it.

I just decided to try it for myself and since it’s made me feel so well, that I would continue exploring it …


This case summary landed in my inbox yesterday, published only the day before.

Water-only fasting and an exclusively plant foods diet in the management of stage IIIa, low-grade follicular lymphoma

Alan C GoldhamerMichael KlaperAfsoon FooroharToshia R Myers

Follicular lymphoma (FL), the second most common non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (NHL), is well characterised by a classic histological appearance and an indolent course. Current treatment protocols for FL range from close observation to immunotherapy, chemotherapy and/or radiotherapies. We report the case of a 42-year-old woman diagnosed by excisional biopsy with stage IIIa, grade 1 FL. In addition to close observation, the patient underwent a medically supervised, 21-day water-only fast after which enlarged lymph nodes were substantially reduced in size. The patient then consumed a diet of minimally processed plant foods free of added sugar, oil and salt (SOS), and has remained on the diet since leaving the residential facility. At 6 and 9-month follow-up visits, the patient’s lymph nodes were non-palpable and she remained asymptomatic. This case establishes a basis for further studies evaluating water-only fasting and a plant foods, SOS-free diet as a treatment protocol for FL.

Here is the link to the full article. The summary was published in the BMJ Case Reports.

So what are my conclusions from this?

***That water fasting might be able to reverse the symptoms of non-Hodgkin follicular lymphoma.

***That lifestyle intervention might be able to reverse the symptoms of follicular lymphoma.

***That should there be a relapse at any time (after all the doctors told me it WILL come back. But we’ll see …), it might be manageable by water fasting.

***That if a diet revolves around plants and regular water fasting, the symptoms of follicular lymphoma may never arise again.

That maybe, just maybe, full healing is possible. Full stop.

Leaving the fasting aside, I had already come to most of these conclusions about diet and lifestyle. But water fasting seems to take it to a whole new level, especially if I go by the way I feel. Every day the overwhelming preponderance of evidence, albeit mostly anecdotal (do I sound like a former lawyer here?), is that cancer, and especially relevant to me, follicular lymphoma, is not always a death sentence. And that there are always things we can all do to take control of our own health.

Be happy. Be well.

And so be it.


Fasting Resources

The Transformational Power of Fasting: The Way to Spiritual, Physical and Emotional Rejuvenation: Stephen Harrod Buhner (2012) (my favourite book so far)

Fasting and Eating for Health: Joel Fuhrman M.D. (1995)

The Science and Fine Arts of Fasting: Herbert M. Shelton (2013) (First published in 1934) Herbert Shelton was Joel Fuhrman’s mentor – I have just started reading this.

The Miracle of Fasting: Patricia Bragg and Paul C. Bragg

Rational Fasting: Regeneration Diet and Natural Cure for All Diseases: Arnold Egret (First published in 1910)

In this video, Advanced Fasting Tips And Deeper Levels Of Healing, Tyler Tolman summarises all the research and principles from the above books. It is a terrific introduction to fasting and understanding the different phases of a long water fast.

Disclaimer: as always, I am not providing medical advice in publishing this post. I am simply sharing information that I have found helpful and interesting. Advice ought to be sought from a medical professional before undertaking a period of water fasting if you have a chronic illness. Some conditions are not amenable to fasting.

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