Being Serious About Change – Interview with Volker Krohn of the Hoffman Process

If you have been following my blog for a while, you would know that only a month or so before being diagnosed with follicular lymphoma, my life was completely changed by the Hoffman Process.

Of course, my life on the outside didn’t change. But my attitude to it did. I came home feeling loved, completely loveable. At a very deep level. And my fear of loving others unconditionally, of expressing my affection for them and of telling them just how important they were to me – that fear had dissolved.

And interestingly, the things that I used my career to achieve – approval, winning, fighting – lost any appeal for me. The Hoffman Process taught me I was enough. It connected me to my essential self. I was Essentially Being.

I am forever grateful for these changes. And the timing. Because I had inner strength like never before and when I got the diagnosis, I knew in my core that the healing had begun. I talk about that more in Being Radical – Releasing suppressed emotions.

So today’s video guest on the blog is Volker Krohn, Senior Supervising Facilitator and Director of The Hoffman Centre Australia/Singapore.

Volker has to be one of the most compassionate men I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. There is no doubt about the love he emanates.  Listen as Volker shares how the process changed his life and can change yours too.

As a follow up, Volker and I had a chat on Blab. Here it is:

If you want to see it on Blab, here is the link to the replay:

Be happy. Be well.

And so be it.

Jane x

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Jane Treleaven is a meditation teacher and health coach empowering people to be happy and well through just being, essentially being.

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