Being with Dr Ian Gawler talking about lifestyle medicine

Just about every blog post on this site contains the name Ian Gawler. Over the last 35 years, he has been a beacon of great hope for thousands of people confronting the reality of cancer in their lives. Including me.

It was his book You Can Conquer Cancer that inspired me to meditate for hours each day, change my diet and settle into a regime that I believed would get me well. And Ian has been one of my meditation teachers over the last 3 years. It was from him I learned the profound benefits of relaxation.

So you can imagine my absolute delight when he said “Yes” to a Skype video interview. And the timing?? It really couldn’t have been a better time for being with Dr Ian Gawler talking about lifestyle medicine.

Ian has always advocated the use of meditation and relaxation to overcome the stress associated with cancer. However, he met considerable resistance, and even hostility, from the medical profession for asserting the benefits of such techniques, in the absence of research linking cancer progression to stress.

This exchange occurred on The Couchman Report on ABCTV in 1988.

Peter Couchman
If you were diagnosed with cancer tomorrow, would you put your life in the hands of orthodox medicine and all that involves or would you go to someone like Ian Gawler – who won’t use drugs, who’s not trained, who’s not registered, but who can produce a lot of people for you who claim to have been cured by him?

Dr Paul Niselle, Medical Protection Society
On the one hand a very uncomfortable treatment that has a predictable chance of success; on the other hand you are being offered treatment that is much, much more comfortable, with grandiose claims for efficacy that cannot be supported.

Dr Ray Lowenthal, Oncologist
He lists his type of treatment as being quite non-toxic as opposed to medical treatments which he lists as toxic whereas some of the treatments which he offers have considerable potential for doing harm.

Dr John Zalcberg, Oncologist, Repatriation Hospital
To meditate, to relieve stress, to alter the immune system, is not going, I mean the evidence does not support the fact that that will lead to control of breast cancer, lung cancer or colon cancer.

Ian Gawler
Something very specific happens. Perhaps we haven’t got the explanation right, because we haven’t studied it enough, and perhaps meditation is working through some other mechanism.

[sourced from Compass: A Good Life: According to Ian Gawler – ABC TV]

But last week, the science finally caught up with Ian, and his mentor Ainslie Meares.

And what a privilege is was to ..

Be with Dr Ian Gawler talking about lifestyle medicine

Sit back and watch as Ian and I discuss his own remarkable recovery from cancer, the work this led him to do. And how to give yourself the best chance after a cancer diagnosis. We also talk about the very recent scientific developments (links below) on the link between cancer progression and stress.


Here is the audio alone if you just want to listen to the interview. Apologies for the minor internet glitches but what Ian says is just too valuable to miss out on.


And you can find a transcript of the interview HERE >>>>

All of what Ian recommends applies equally to preventing cancer (and recovering from other illnesses associated with inflammation). As we know, the incidence of cancer is on the rise and there are things you can do now to reduce the risk for yourself and your loved ones. You can read Ian’s book You Can Conquer Cancer, and this post here about being responsible for our own health.

Please feel free to share this post as widely as you like and to comment below about your experiences.

And if you want to hear Ian live, he is presenting a 1 day seminar in Melbourne on 17 April 2016. Booking details are HERE >>>>


Ian’s website: Dr Ian Gawler: Meditation Retreats and Therapeutic Retreats

Ian’s blog: Out on a Limb

The Gawler Cancer Foundation

Here are links to the study published on 1 March 2016 and reports summarising the findings:

Nature Communications (actual study): Chronic stress in mice remodels lymph vasculature to promote tumour cell dissemination
ABC: Chronic stress enhances cancer spread through lymphatic system
The Age: Chronic stress spreads cancer, Monash University study finds
Channel 9: Study examining link between stress and spread of cancer could lead to new treatments

As always, be happy. Be well.

And so be it.

Jane x

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