Being like a River Red Gum

Being like a River Red Gum

At the end of the recent Meditation in the Forest retreat, Ian Gawler asked us to head off in search of a tree that spoke to us; to spend some time with it; and then to reflect our experience in a piece of poetic writing.

I went down towards the river and found this River Red Gum, just next to the labyrinth where I'd had a very profound insight the day before.

When I stand still in the presence of a tree, particularly a tree of this stature, I can always hear wise whispers. Trees have a lot to say to us, if we only stop to listen. If we are only silent enough. This is what this tree told me as I stood with it, leant against it, and embraced it.

Being a River Red Gum

Undistracted by the small things
That come to make their home
In the welcoming warmth
Majestic in the stillness
Grounded in the present
There is no other time

Nothing to do except
Extend higher and higher for the light
Free to sway and move with the breeze
Reach deeper and deeper into the earth
Grounded in the present
There is no other time

Waiting patiently for life
To unfold in its own time
Just resting and growing
Shedding layers with ease
Grounded in the present
There is no other time


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Jane Treleaven is a meditation teacher and health coach empowering people to be happy and well through just being, essentially being.

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