About Essentially Being


in essence of character of the actual nature
in fact, really


existing, living, having a place in the realm of fact

“Being is not only beyond but also deep within every form as its innermost invisible and indestructible essence.”
Eckhart Tolle – The Power of Now

Essentially Being began in 2013. I was on a journey from DOING to BEING.


It’s a long story and you can read more about it here, but basically too much DOING led to me being very ill (like cancer ill). And the solution, for me, was to be found in BEING.

What happened?

The more time I spent BEING, the more creative I felt and the more I wanted to share what I was learning.

Essentially Being grew organically. It started as a blog in April 2013 (first ever post here).

Then, because I was saying affirmations every day, I started putting them on photos and posting them on the Facebook page.

My days were spent doing little other than meditating and preparing healthy food and juices. I started to post about meditation and food for healing.

Friends asked if they could meditate with me so I started a monthly group in my loungeroom. Essentially Being just grew and grew. And it wasn’t even a business. It was a community.

I started to be a regular guest on the Healthy Alternatives segment of What a Wonderful World.

THEN it all came to a standstill as my life (and immune system) dismantled. 

And started again as I became miraculously well.

And now?

Essentially Being is the vehicle for sharing with you all those things I’ve grown to love through my own journey back to health.

Through meditation, running workshops and coaching here, I can help you to find and connect with yourself.

And once connected, it becomes easier to make the decisions in your life that help you to be happy and well with cancer. Just Be. Essentially Be.

The blog remains the place where my essential self hopes to speak to your essential self through my reflections on my healing journey.  It is also the place where I share information I collect about health, meditation, nutrition and inner well-being. I get to use some of the many photos I take.

If you have been diagnosed with a cancer, and want to thrive, you might be particularly interested in the Being Radical series.

Be happy. Be well. Just be.

Jane x

Finding time to be can change the entire course of your life.


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