Being on a plant-based diet

It’s two days after treatment round 5 and I’ve just had the contraband vitamin C.  It’s not allowed 48 hours before or after treatment.  The pharmacists are worried that all its goodness will interfere with the poisons.  Oops! Am I being cynical? Anyway you can probably guess from what I just said that I decided […]

Being in remission

The news I got the day before my birthday was that I am in remission. It sounds like good news. It is good news. But I wasn’t sure exactly what it meant. I asked the doctor who told me very simply that my lymphoma has responded to treatment. That doesn’t sound very conclusive to me. […]

Eating my way to being

What happens when you take doing (aka working) out of the life of a driven type A personality who has been diagnosed with a life threatening condition?  They become obsessed with diet, food and cooking.  That’s what is happening to me. So much for sitting still and just being. But this is definitely good for […]

It’s the lifestyle factors

It’s lifestyle factors.  That’s what I was told had caused the lymphoma when I first got the diagnosis.  They don’t really know. I’m about to participate in a study on the causes but for now, all the oncologist could tell me was “It’s lifestyle factors”.  Of course, I started to try to isolate which lifestyle […]

Shaking my way to being

It’s been a tough week.  The nausea subsided on about Sunday and the mania set in. It was in that mania that I set this page up.  I wrote the ‘About’ section over the course of a morning, in between making cups of tea, going to have a lie down, sitting down to meditate, putting […]