Being Prepared

This is it.  This week is the beginning of the rest of my life.  This is the week I effectively lock myself up at home and start the serious work of healing my poor compromised immune system with an intense programme of wholesome nutrition, meditation and dare I say it, coffee breaks. It is also […]

Being smooth

Ok, so I was sceptical.  All this talk about green smoothies was annoying.  Surely I’m getting the flood of nutrients I need from all the juices I’ve been having.  After all 3 or 4 vegetable juices a day gives a sick body a bit of a bang. But now it’s day 4 of incorporating green […]

Being on a plant-based diet

It’s two days after treatment round 5 and I’ve just had the contraband vitamin C.  It’s not allowed 48 hours before or after treatment.  The pharmacists are worried that all its goodness will interfere with the poisons.  Oops! Am I being cynical? Anyway you can probably guess from what I just said that I decided […]

It’s the lifestyle factors

It’s lifestyle factors.  That’s what I was told had caused the lymphoma when I first got the diagnosis.  They don’t really know. I’m about to participate in a study on the causes but for now, all the oncologist could tell me was “It’s lifestyle factors”.  Of course, I started to try to isolate which lifestyle […]