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Whether you’ve just been diagnosed, you’re working through a treatment plan or you're wanting to rebuild your health after treatment, as your Cancer Support Coach, I guide you through the emotional and practical parts of your treatment and beyond.

With my support, you’ll:

  • Learn how to manage your stress and anxiety
  • Be able to prepare considered questions for your oncologist
  • Take an active interest in all the treatment options available to you
  • Be compassionately held accountable to change lifelong habits  
  • Put together your chosen team of medical and complementary practitioners
  • Train and use your mind to change beliefs and practice self-care
  • Develop a plan for rebuilding your health after treatment
  • Learn how to meditate and how to just BE, no matter what’s going on around you 

Here’s how we can work together

*** Places are very limited due to my own lifestyle changes and ongoing focus on BEing, not DOing ***

As a former lawyer, I know how to ask great questions to guide you to the answers you hold within. I'm also very careful to make sure that you know that I can't give medical or therapeutic advice. 

What I do is share my experience and the information I've collected on my own journey with cancer. It's my intention to create a gentle, confidential and non-judgmental space for you to make your own choices.

You’re overwhelmed and your very brief doctor’s visits aren’t enough to answer all your questions and support you as you decide your best treatment or recovery plan.

We’ll chat via Skype over a period of six weeks to explore your goals and create a map for your journey. We’ll check in to see how it’s working out for you, tweaking as necessary. You’ll also get tools and techniques to help you find peace during the process. 

  • Initial session – 50 minutes 
  • Two follow up support sessions – 30 minutes 
  • Includes a guided meditation recording 

Also includes session notes and relevant links so you can be present in the moment on our calls. 

Essential Beginnings is $179.

Jane is very committed to assisting her clients. I would recommend Jane to anyone who wants to make a change in their life. Jane can take a holistic view and has the personal credential of making huge and successful changes in her life - Henry B.

You want to understand your options, set your goals, make a plan and be held lovingly accountable and supported as you embark on your journey.

Through this 2 month package, we’ll lay the foundations of your plan. We’ll use meditation and visualisation to create habits and actions that support your treatment goals and your healing and align your mindset for inner peace.  All sessions can be done by Skype.

  • Initial session – 50 minutes 
  • 3 follow up sessions (each fortnight) – 45 minutes  
  • Recipes  
  • 2 Guided meditations    
  • Recommended reading and DVD list  

Also includes email session summaries and personalised link recommendations 

The Essentials is $497 AUD payable upfront or 2 monthly payments of $260

Through our conversations, I have felt a strengthening in my belief that overcoming my serious health issues is a real possibility - through meditation and dietary changes. I consider Jane to be a genuinely caring, compassionate and thoughtful person. Her personal story of overcoming serious illness is inspiring - Gavin L.

This package is the preferred solution for those who want emotional and practical support during their treatment plan or as they embark on life after treatment.

It consists of 8 Skype sessions over 4 months and we dive deeper into the inner work using visualisation and meditation techniques. Lifestyle changes are supported for your best results. Having consistent emotional and practical support over the long term is highly valued by those who choose this option.

  • Initial session – 50 minutes 
  • 7 follow up sessions (each fortnight) – 45 minutes  
  • Recommendations for action steps
  • A DVD or book relevant to your particular situation
  • Recipes and handouts
  • Recommended reading and DVD list
  • Guided meditations

Also includes email session summaries and personalised link recommendations 

Essentially Being is $920 AUD payable upfront 

or 4 monthly instalments of $245

*** Extra sessions can be added to any package for $115 each at any time ***

“Exceptional patients refuse to be victims. They educate themselves and become specialists in their own care. They question the doctor because they want to understand their treatment and participate in it. They demand dignity, personhood, and control, no matter the course of the dis-ease.”

Dr Bernie Siegel

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