Being Radical – Increasing Positive Emotions

Being Radical – Increasing Positive Emotions

We all want to be happy. But the problem is that most of us look in the wrong places for happiness. To coin a cliche, happiness is an inside job. It involves sustained practice and commitment. It’s well worth the effort if we want to heal… After we do an exercise that shows how our thoughts affect our bodies, I’ll share what I’ve practised over the last two years or so to increase my experience of positive emotions.

Being on a Programme (and learning to say no)

It all begins in the mind. I’ve learned that from Dr Ian Gawler. To heal ourselves, we have to believe that healing is possible. Without the belief, without our mind on board, any efforts at healing the body will be difficult. In her book, Mind Over Medicine, Lissa Rankin MD analysed thousands of incidents of […]

Being in Hope

The first part of the treatment I signed up for is over.  No more chemotherapy.  And so begins the work of recovery and healing. I have decided not to continue with the maintenance regime, an infusion of monoclonal antibodies that are currently on trial, every two months for the next two years.  My immune system […]