Being a Warrior

I promised myself this blog would be authentic. So today I’m going to be just that.  I’m not going to care about who reads it, whether it’s helping anyone or whether the language will offend anyone. Because today I have a swirling mass of rage surging up from deep within. And I’m fucking angry. I’m […]

Being angry

Being angry

Being angry and letting that anger fester is not good for your health. Find out why and how to deal with it.   No I’m not angry.  But I have been, and I didn’t know it. Having all this time on my hands, and a bit of a scare means that I’ve been contemplating the […]

Shaking my way to being

It’s been a tough week.  The nausea subsided on about Sunday and the mania set in. It was in that mania that I set this page up.  I wrote the ‘About’ section over the course of a morning, in between making cups of tea, going to have a lie down, sitting down to meditate, putting […]