Being willing to believe

Imagine being in a pitch black room. There is not a glimmer of light anywhere. In fact the room is so dark, you can’t even be sure that you’re in a room. Sure, from time to time you have felt your way around what feel like the perimeters of the space, and you think it’s […]

Being honest – it’s tough

Week 6 and Day 39: It’s time for some honesty. It’s time for me to practice what I preach and be authentic. This gig is tough. It’s actually really hard. And it’s made even harder on days like today when I feel unwell.  I’m not sick but my body is screaming at me telling me […]

Being persistent

Day 3: Things here are trundling along. The JuiceMeister (aka Beloved) is doing extremely well. He’s doing half days at work, juicing up a storm in the mornings and then when I have a break from juices between 2 and 5 pm he disappears into the office. But I don’t have to do much.  He […]