Being miraculously better

I am realistic – I expect miracles Dr Wayne Dyer Do you believe in miracles? Remarkable events that can’t seem to be the result of ordinary causes? Or do you call it¬†synchronicity, believing that meaningful coincidences do not occur randomly but are part of a greater order? Or are even brought about by our thoughts […]

Being at some milestones

Woo hoo! the milestones keep a-coming! I just keep showing up in my life a day at a time and next thing I know, chunks of time have passed and I start to see the changes. So what are these milestones? I’ve been on my healing programme for 9 months!¬†(If you are saying “what healing […]

Being willing to believe

Imagine being in a pitch black room. There is not a glimmer of light anywhere. In fact the room is so dark, you can’t even be sure that you’re in a room. Sure, from time to time you have felt your way around what feel like the perimeters of the space, and you think it’s […]