Being Radical – Radically Changing Your Diet (Part 1)

Being Radical – Radically Changing Your Diet (Part 1)

This post is the second in the series exploring the 9 key factors that Dr Kelly Turner PhD found were present in the recoveries from advanced cancer that she studied in her book Radical Remission. Those 9 factors are: Radically changing your diet (Part 1 here and Part 2 here) Taking control of your health (here) Following your […]

Being on the rebound(er)

Today I’m letting go of expectations I have of myself. I’m giving myself permission to go with the flow rather than trying to make something fit that I think ought to fit but just doesn’t today. I’ve just come out of a frenzy of trying to fix everything, … again and have reached a whole new […]

Being on a Programme (and learning to say no)

It all begins in the mind. I’ve learned that from Dr Ian Gawler. To heal ourselves, we have to believe that healing is possible. Without the belief, without our mind on board, any efforts at healing the body will be difficult. In her book, Mind Over Medicine, Lissa Rankin MD analysed thousands of incidents of […]

Being Frustrated at Buying Time

After reading so much this year about people overcoming cancers in many forms through nutrition, the latest Four Corners programme, Buying Time, about cancer treatment drugs is terribly frustrating. People paying thousands of dollars to buy only weeks or months of additional time. And that time is spent suffering from the supposed treatment and further […]

Being Tempted (or just a whole lot of noise in my head)

Day 15: This regime is demanding. That’s about all I can say about that. No sooner have I finished one juice than it’s time for the next one, or meditation, or a meal. There has been very little time to do anything else, especially now that I’m doing my own juicing. I was supposed to […]