Being well, getting into life, thanks for all the support and blogging

Being well, getting into life, thanks for all the support and blogging

This post is a little different. A bit chattier. To let you know where I’m at and to share with you some amazing people who have helped me along this healing journey. To show you the social support I’ve been able to embrace to help me get well. And well I am. I feel better than I’ve felt for … years … decades … And to let you know about an exciting blogging course that’s about to start!

Being attacked by my thoughts

OMG! It’s totally insane. I’m under attack! I’m being attacked by my thoughts! They have come armed – battering rams, sharpened spears and flurries of arrows flying through my head. And then laser guns, burning holes in my brain. And the worst thing about this? Until yesterday, I wasn’t even aware that this was happening. And […]

Being Judgmental

“We get to do the things we judge”.  That’s what a good friend of mine often says.  And she’s right. Take this blog for instance. Here I am blogging away about my journey of healing from chronic disease. I feel compelled to do it.  I can’t explain what drives me but I write mostly for […]

Being offline

A miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love  A Course in Miracles Day 49: We are all striving.  Striving to fulfil our potential, striving for success, striving for the love of those around us. And sometimes that striving becomes a mania. Our heads become full of self-judgment or self-criticism that our striving […]

Being Surrendered

My time with the medical fraternity is at an end.  Scans earlier this week reveal absolutely NO tumour activity.  Accordingly this means I’m in complete remission.  The next part of my journey begins as I lock myself up at home to follow the Gerson regime for a week (a little short of the recommended 2 […]