Being like the Buddha

Being like the Buddha

Bringing the practice of meditation into our lives begins with being like the Buddha. Or at least aspiring to being like the Buddha – still, undistracted by physical sensations and emotions. Just allowing whatever arises to pass away in its own time. And if we absolutely have to move, then we try to do so while maintaining that centre of stillness, that equipoise of the Buddha.

Being home

  Do you ever find that the busier you get, the more active your head becomes? And that the more active your head becomes, the more you think about the things you have to do, planning, projecting, anticipating and imagining, the less connected your head becomes to your body and before you know it, you’re […]

Being filled with love for Earth Hour

He who loves himself never harms another Buddha Last weekend I watched The Eleventh Hour, a documentary about the state of the Earth.  Earlier someone had sent me a Facebook video.  Both brought home the sheer natural beauty, the magnificence, of our planet and our complete disregard for it as a species.  They reminded me […]

Being Judgmental

“We get to do the things we judge”.  That’s what a good friend of mine often says.  And she’s right. Take this blog for instance. Here I am blogging away about my journey of healing from chronic disease. I feel compelled to do it.  I can’t explain what drives me but I write mostly for […]