Being on the road to good health

A year ago, I was in hospital as my immune system dismantled around me and the doctors said they didn’t know what to do. But as many of you know, I had some excellent news recently about my health. Watch the video to find out what I did to recover …

Being Radical – Embracing Social Support

Being Radical – Embracing Social Support

Even though many of us find it hard to accept social support, it can help us live longer. True. And it can also help us heal. In this post, we will explore the different types of social support that people healing from cancer have found beneficial and why you should grab it with both hands if this is your journey.

Being miraculously better

I am realistic – I expect miracles Dr Wayne Dyer Do you believe in miracles? Remarkable events that can’t seem to be the result of ordinary causes? Or do you call it¬†synchronicity, believing that meaningful coincidences do not occur randomly but are part of a greater order? Or are even brought about by our thoughts […]