Being at some milestones

Woo hoo! the milestones keep a-coming! I just keep showing up in my life a day at a time and next thing I know, chunks of time have passed and I start to see the changes. So what are these milestones? I’ve been on my healing programme for 9 months! (If you are saying “what healing […]

Being on a Programme (and learning to say no)

It all begins in the mind. I’ve learned that from Dr Ian Gawler. To heal ourselves, we have to believe that healing is possible. Without the belief, without our mind on board, any efforts at healing the body will be difficult. In her book, Mind Over Medicine, Lissa Rankin MD analysed thousands of incidents of […]

Being Judgmental

“We get to do the things we judge”.  That’s what a good friend of mine often says.  And she’s right. Take this blog for instance. Here I am blogging away about my journey of healing from chronic disease. I feel compelled to do it.  I can’t explain what drives me but I write mostly for […]

Being Authentic

Authentic: Real, actual, genuine, original, first-hand, really proceeding from its stated source (Shorter Oxford Dictionary) We are each the sum total of our experiences. Our experiences have brought us to where we are today. Each experience is a chapter in the story of our life as it unfolds.  Without each chapter, there is no book. […]