Being alive today

Being alive today

Happy new year Essential Being. A new beginning. A new moment. If you want to start again, you can. Take a deep breath and begin again. And it’s five years ago today since the big C entered the narrative of my life. It feels appropriate to mark the occasion but really I’m no longer particularly […]

Being touched

For most of this year, I’ve been attending lunchtime yoga flow classes at the local oval run by the Living Practice. The classes have been led by the beautiful Gabriella Sikorski, a young Canadian who is travelling around the world and sprinkling dust of happiness wherever she goes.  Her singsong melodic voice has taken me […]

Being in repose

“Repose, Jane. Repose”. The yoga teacher was moving efficiently between her students, correcting a posture here, giving direction there.  And I had to repose.  Every second asana for me was repose. And after reposing a few times, while the other students around me bent and flexed their bodies, I found myself reposing with tears streaming […]